Zimmerman Trial Juror B37 Speaks Out!

Juror B37

After the all-female jury found George Zimmerman not guilty in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year, one member of the Jury, Juror B37,  is speaking out.

Quick to bask in her 15 minutes of fame, Juror B37 from the Zimmerman trial is going all out doing the media rounds.

Juror B37, who is described as a white middle-aged woman, spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday night, insisting that George Zimmerman had good intentions but used poor judgment.

“I think George Zimmerman is a man whose heart is in the right place but just got displaced by the vandalism in the neighborhoods and wanting to catch these people so badly that he went above and beyond what he really should have done,” she said. “But I think his heart was in the right place. It just went terribly wrong.”

Cooper asked the juror if she believed Zimmerman was guilty of anything.

I think he is guilty of not using good judgement,” she responded.

Bad judgment is drunk-dialing your ex at four in the morning, stalking and shooting down an unarmed teenager qualifies as a little more than bad judgement. Unless skittles are considered a weapon. Maybe Zimmerman was diabetic?

Juror B37 also revealed that the jury had been split at first, with three people wanting to acquit, two interested in manslaughter, and one person backing second-degree murder. In the end they decided both parties were to blame.

“I think both were responsible for the situation they had gotten themselves into,” said Juror B37. “I think they both could have walked away.”

Fun fact: 24 hours after the verdict was read Juror B37 jumped on the offer to write a book about her experience. Trying to make a quick buck off of a tragedy? Now, that’s using bad judgment.

Via: Miami Herald

Update: Juror B37 has now had a change of heart about the book deal and nixed the idea. I guess she learned a thing or two about good judgement since the trial.

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